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Wellbeing & Care

“Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me.”  

Students must feel safe, secure, and supported before they can be receptive to new learning. If students feel positive about their learning environment, they are more likely to regard each learning experience as something important, worthwhile, and rewarding. 

At Kalamunda Christian School we fix our eyes on the whole person, not just one aspect. Our aim is to equip young people for a meaningful life beyond the school gates. So, we place great importance on building caring, collaborative and respectful relationships and teaching skills of empathy, resilience, emotion management, conflict resolution, decision making and problem solving. 

Pastoral Care

Our students are not just one of many in a crowd but are known to staff for their unique personality, strengths, talents, passions and interests.

Our classroom teachers take their pastoral care role very seriously, helping their students feel connected, inspired to learn and happy at school. At the start and end of each day the children have a special time with their home class teacher that includes care, share and prayer.

Wellbeing Initiatives

We also offer many specialised programs to help facilitate the sense of care in the School including our school-based Student Wellbeing program delivered by the Deputy Principal to each Pre-Primary to Year 6 class each week.

It covers everything from self awareness to self-management, social awareness to relationship skills to responsive decision-making.

Then there is our very successful Student Buddy program along with the bonds formed between our Year students and their Pre-Primary buddies being very special. For the young ones it helps them as they transition into formal schooling and feel like they really belong and are cared for. For the older ones it their primary years supports, acknowledges, and encourages their leadership journey and builds an appreciation for the diversity in others. 

Code of Conduct

Kalamunda Christian School has high expectations of all its students. At Kalamunda Christian School all students have rights and responsibilities that relate to the school’s Aiming HIGH values of Honour, Integrity, Generosity and Humility. 

The rights of a KCS student:

The responsibilites of a KCS student:

Realised through our 'Aiming HIGH' values

Child Safe Practices

Providing a safe, secure, and supportive environment for all students has always been and continues to be a key commitment of Kalamunda Christian School.

That is why we welcome and implement all State and Federal legislation and guidelines that focus on child safety and duty of care. We aim to not only to meet Child Safe standards but to be a place where Child Safety is deeply embedded into the culture of the school, following Christ’s example of welcoming and caring deeply for the welfare of children and providing them with a nurturing learning environment.

The SCEA Child Safe Policy and Framework can be downloaded here.


Kalamunda Christian School is committed to providing a Christ-centred education to all students in its care.

We recognise that the primary responsibility for discipline rests with parents and that the capacity for personal obedience and self-discipline is an essential element of a life well lived. Student attitude and behaviour not only impacts the students themselves, but other students, teachers, and parents. To train and develop student character and positive behaviours, the School partners with parents, to encourage students to function correctly in the context of their developing social and ethical responsibilities. 

The use of any form of child abuse, corporal punishment or other degrading punishment is explicitly forbidden at Kalamunda Christian School.