Early Learning (Pre-Kindy & Kindy)

Great Start

So, the journey begins… a love of life and learning in your child in our wonderful Early Learning Centre (ELC). These are the years that your child meets new classmates and future friends. These are the formative years where learning, aspiration and inspiration are laid when little minds are most malleable. And the great start happens within a safe, stimulating and supportive play-based learning environment where your child can progress at their own pace, and grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.


Our Kick-Start program caters for children of Pre-Kindy age (3-year-olds) and operates between 8.30am – 3.00pm each Tuesday and Thursday.


Our Kindy program, which caters for 4-year-olds, operates three days a week between 8.30am – 3.00pm each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We also have a Playgroup available each Friday morning. These years not only provide your child with a great start but with a solid transition through to their Primary years here at Kalamunda.

Great Learning in a Great Environment

It is through play that children learn about themselves and the world.

The play-based curriculum engages and empowers children, whilst a more structured approach is employed when focusing on foundational literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation skills. Our children are encouraged to wonder, try new things, ask questions, adapt to school routines, and to learn alongside others. Our inspiring and colourful classrooms showcase the children’s work, inspire, and celebrate achievement, and look out onto the creative play area, which sits at the heart of the Centre. Our ELC days are varied and flexible, allowing our children to learn at their own pace and in many different ways, with a typical day consisting of:
  • Group time – belonging, sharing, wondering, listening
  • Inside play – blocks, role playing, craft, puzzles, literacy and numeracy games
  • Outside play – climbing, water and sand play, exploring, gardening
  • Books, news, stories, library learning and borrowing
  • Art – free time, creative minds
  • Music – songs, making music and self-expression
  • Quiet Time – book or puzzle on own blanket

Great Staff

Every class has a qualified teacher and educational assistant who know their children – and their families – inside out. They tailor their teaching to suit the needs of each child, creating an exciting, encouraging environment where education becomes a joy. Each day is thoughtfully structured with a lively mix of teacher-led and child-initiated activities, so each child gets the maximum out of every moment. Our specialist Music, PE and Mandarin teachers plus Librarian enthuse our children with their extraordinary passion for their subjects. Our Learning Support Coordinator provides invaluable support, ensuring every child fulfils their unique potential.

Great Community

We know the value of home and school partnership when it comes to your child’s care and learning and we treasure our reputation for being a school with high involvement by parents and caregivers.

Our community is warm, welcoming and inclusive and offers a strong sense of belonging for all. We place great importance on building relationships that are caring, open, collaborative, respectful and supportive.