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Learning Support

At Kalamunda Christian School we are committed to all students achieving their potential in a supportive yet challenging educational environment that targets their interests, channels their energies, develops their abilities, and allows learning to take place at a student’s own developmental rate. 

As professional educators we recognise that students’ academic needs vary widely. The School has developed a model of tiered response to intervention for support services which upholds our focus of enabling all students to develop their potential to its fullest and equip them for a life beyond the College. Underpinning this evidenced based approach is our continued commitment to discovering and supporting God’s unique potential in each life.     

Our Learning Support Coordinator oversees the programs and the work of the Educational Assistants who work in this area.

Learning Difficulties

Children do not all learn in the same way or at the same speed all of the time, especially when they are very young and developing at an exciting pace.

Intervention and targeted adjustments, sometimes seemingly very small, can make a huge difference to self-confidence and a child’s lifelong attitude to learning.  

We aim to cater for those students who are recognised and/or formally diagnosed as requiring specific support in their learning. This is accomplished through a combination of differentiated practices within the classroom, support from Educational Assistants, highly targeted individual and small group teaching and support both within the classroom and in some cases a special withdrawal space.  

The school also has access to quality external agencies where required, including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Educational Psychology.

Enrichment and Extension

We want every child with a passion for a subject to develop their interest with dynamic enthusiasm and we embrace an individualised love of learning driven from within.

No opportunity is missed to extend a child’s passion for a subject and every child is given the chance to shine, whatever their level. 

Kalamunda Christian School recognises that gifted and talented children have unique educational needs. Tracking our gifted students from Pre-Primary through to Year 6 enables us to cater effectively with a seamless approach. For gifted and talented students, a range of methodologies apply both in and out of the classroom. We look to cater effectively for our gifted students through a range of in-class extension activities and projects, advancement e.g. mathematics at Years 4-6, online learning alternatives, special groups and events, some of which link in with other schools. 

Documented Plans & NCCD

Students who have a diagnosis or disability, or who are receiving assistance in academic remediation or extension, have a Documented Plan that outlines the particular needs of the student along with agreed-upon adjustments and actions.

The decision to place a student on an plan is done in consultation between the Class Teacher, the Learning Support Coordinator and parent(s) along with other external agents where warranted. 

The School fulfils all obligations and requirements under the State’s Diversity Funding regulations and the National Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with a Disability (NCCD).