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Senior Primary

Great Opportunities

Opportunities abound at the senior years of primary here at Kalamunda Christian School.

The School provides an enriched learning environment that focuses on supporting the students in Years 3 to 6 on an exciting journey of discovery and learning. Our classrooms are places of interest, friendship, order, respect, and hard work, where students are excited about and take ownership of their learning. 

By providing a secure learning environment where students can be open, think for themselves, solve problems and put forward ideas safe in the knowledge that their input will be valued, our senior students learn to be creative, independent, and critical in their thinking and reflective in their learning. 

We encourage a spirit of enquiry, curiosity, and independence, fostering determination and resilience. These qualities, coupled with an awareness of the world around them, consideration for others and, above all, kindness help make the Kalamunda experience very special indeed. 

Great Learning

At Senior Primary there is a careful continuity from the junior years to ensure a progression of skills and concepts with clear lines of development.

Our desire is to develop and maintain a life-long enthusiasm and love of learning. Increasingly students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning journey alongside a direct teaching approach to the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and HASS. We encourage students to set goals and reflect on their learning journey frequently. 

In addition to providing students with great opportunities for academic success, we encourage each student to partake in a vast range of extra-curricular activities, including interschool sport, music groupsthe production, and the wide variety of clubs. 

Students in Years 5 and 6 are ready for the challenge of youth. These students are the leaders of our school and role-models for the younger students. They are given opportunities for leadership and are called upon to provide support to our younger students through our buddy programs. In these two years, there is a particular focus on building self-confidence and developing further skills such as research and study to prepare them for the important transition to one of our sister schools or other options for their secondary schooling. 

A special feature of Years 4-6 is our camps program, enabling students to engage in a variety of learning experiences that cannot be provided within the classroom.

Year 4 


An opportunity for students to get a taster of camping with one over-night stay in a camping facility in the local area with costs included within the School fees. 

Year 5

Leadership Camp 

The Year 5 Camp is a three-day camp with a special focus on leadershipproblem-solving, and teamworkAgain, costs are included within School fees. 

Year 6

WA Adventure 

This is the highlight of the year for our Year 6 students as they spend a sensational week in one of the state’s fascinating regions. The costs for the trip are an additional cost and therefore optional.

Great Staff

The Senior Primary team are formidable educators with solid years of experience but with a passion to be innovative in their teaching and care.

Each class has an assigned educational assistant, ensuring that every student’s learning needs are catered for. The aim is to work in conjunction with parents and care givers to provide the skills and strategies required by our students of today, as they prepare to become successful, competent, global citizens in the world of tomorrow.