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Leadership & Voice

Part of the ethos at Kalamunda Christian School is to develop in our students a sense of purpose in their lives.

We acknowledge that Jesus is the primary model for Christian leader and the notion of service forms the basis of genuine and authentic leadership. Acting in service to others and to a community can assist in providing our children with a sense of being ‘other-person centred’.

Our Learning to Lead Program

The program aims to develop responsibility and ownership over the school community of which our students are involved.

We hope that our students will be a positive influence into the life of our school and not simply consumers of it.

Students participate in weekly ‘Learning to Lead’ sessions with KCS staff, where leadership theory and skills are taught and formed through a structured program developed by the school. We believe that our student leadership program allows all students to develop opportunities to grow their leadership skills and as such prepares all students for leadership in later years when they reach high school.

The program covers important issues such as:

  • service to others
  • communication
  • decision making and planning
  • growth mindset and habit development
  • organisation
  • school culture and values

Valued Voices

At Kalamunda Christian school we value each child’s unique ways of learning, of self-expression and contribution.

We work toward students knowing and taking increasing agency in shaping their own learning. From self and peer assessment through to helping shape the student code of conduct, from goal setting to putting together their own enquiries and Project Based Learning, their voice choice and advocacy is respected and encouraged.