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Junior Primary

Great Foundations

Visit on any school day and you will see the energy and enthusiasm of children in the foundational years of their lives. We kindle curiosity, encourage inquiry and capture imaginations, giving our children a life-long love of learning in all its forms.

As well as gently priming their minds for the future we also encourage all our children to be compassionate and support each other, so they have the confidence to take risks, embrace opportunity and enjoy their journey of self-discovery. 

Getting these fundamentals right is important because the way that children see themselves and each other has far-reaching implications. We celebrate individual milestones, small and big, inside and outside of school, for the simple reason that when children are happy and engaged in their learning, they flourish.  

Great Learning

The early years of learning are an exciting time of growth in all areas of development: academic, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Learning in a variety of subjects and through a variety of strategies is a foundational part of the Junior School day.

We believe all children are unique and wish to guide them in maximising their potential. Junior Primary is about setting a solid grounding in a growth mindset and positive work habits, of tackling challenges with increasing confidence, and learning what it takes to collaborate together.  

The curriculum is dynamic, well balanced, and academically challenging with blocks of learning dedicated to the key learning areas of literacy, numeracy, creativity, inquiry, and social skills with specialised instruction in phys-ed, languages, music, library, and art.  

During the school year, your child will participate in activities that are different to the normal school routine with a number of incursion and excursion activities. And from Year 1 they attend all assemblies and our wonderful clubs program. 

Great Staff

Our wonderful staff are passionate about their craft and look for ways to engage each student to do their personal best.

Excellent teachers understand where children are at and what is possible for the future. From the start of Pre-Primary to the end of the primary years, the students in the Junior School are cared for, understood and challenged.  

All of our Primary classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers, and every class has an assigned educational assistant. In learning, as in life, one size rarely fits all. So, along with our strong teacher-student ratio, we look to cater for the specific interests and needs of students, giving them the inspiration and instruction needed to reach their potential across a full spectrum of subjects. 

Great Community

We share the responsibility with families to provide a climate in which children can learn about living with others and extend their understanding of themselves and the world around them in addition to acquiring the foundation skills which our society demands. 

The home-school connection is so important to us and we welcome family members to the school, to participate in school activities, excursions and as classroom helpers during the term. Assemblies and the many other regular events held in the Junior school always have packed audiences ready with applause and phone cameras.