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The school is located on just over 4 hectares of prime real estate bordering Canning Rd, the main road traversing the Kalamunda hills.

From the main entrance and administration offices in the North accessed from Halleendale Rd to the expansive oval in the South, the property contains a special blend of quality and tastefully designed buildings and recreational areas.

Our buildings are designed specifically around the needs of our twenty-first century children – light, airy, easy to navigate, with the latest technology fully integrated.

Early Learning Precinct

The precinct consists of two very spacious classrooms with a beautiful outlook onto a landscaped play area. From these premises we operate our 3-Year-Old Kickstart (Pre-Kindy) and 4-Year-Old Kindy programs, along with a community playgroup on Friday mornings.

Library Learning Centre

Our Library is strategically located at the heart of the school, housing a substantial book collection along with a vast range of other print, audio, and visual resources. As well as classes run by our wonderful librarian, a library club operates at lunchtimes.


Our gymnasium serves as a multipurpose facility for sports classes and team practices, regular school events such as assemblies, and special community events such as the annual Book Fair.

STEM Centre

Established in 2021, this make-a-space facility is designed for exploring the inter-related worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through problem-based learning. Resources include robots, 3-D printers, design PCs, solar-power units, and model-making materials.

Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is a hub of creativity with students being able to develop and express their talents in many ways. It contains two music rooms, a visual arts room, and a space for drama and dance.

Playgrounds & Oval

The School is truly blessed with extensive grounds for a range of recreational activities. There are two constructed playgrounds, nature play areas, a hardcourt, and a very large oval complete with bleachers and its own toilet block.