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Positive Partnership

We love community and being a Hills school means that our parent community is a very strong one.

We recognise that parents and guardians fulfil the most significant part in their child’s learning journey, and we encourage and welcome their involvement in the life of the school.

Partnership is Vital

Positive partnership at Kalamunda Christian School is ultimately centred on having every student flourish, and that takes bonds of mutual concern, support, energy, and empowerment.

The principles that underlie such partnerships are:

  • Recognition that we are brought together because of a deep desire for the wellbeing and learning of children
  • Parents and families are the first and continuing educators of their children
  • Diversity and strengths of families and of staff are to be valued and leveraged
  • Partnerships always grow from mutual trust, respect, and responsibility
  • School-Home partnerships are marked by open communication, collaboration, and participation

Parents in Partnership (PIP)

The school has a very active Parent in Partnership group. This group is key to ensuring that we are building a school community that works hand in hand with the school leadership.

The Parents in Partnership (PIP) Model has at its heart, the belief that educating a child is a shared responsibility, a partnership between parents and school. It is grounded in our desire to build a community around our school and our children that reflects care, support, transparency, and open communication.

PIP is committed to “friends and fund raising” including:

  • Bringing together and fostering good relationships between community members.
  • Promoting the interests of and contributing to the future development of the School.
  • Organising activities which assists the School with resources and promote community involvement.

Each year opportunity is given for parents to be a Parent Representative (Rep) for each class. Essentially the role is about effective communication (between the school and parents) and building community (connecting parents).

PIP meetings are held at least once a term at a time that suits the majority of members.

By Dads, For Dads

To engage, belong and learn.

The Kalamunda Christian School Dads Group is a vital part of what makes us such a great school community. The group’s purpose is to build a community of positively engaged dads – for the benefit of the kids.

The key role of the Dads Group is to plan and host activities within the school community, normally hosting four activities per year, two for dads only, and two with the kids. These activities are an opportunity to bond with their kids and connect with other fathers.

It is part of The Fathering Project, an NGO started right here in WA over ten years ago and now in working in over a thousand schools and other groups such as unions. While the group belongs to the dads, The Fathering Project works to ensure that it is making the biggest impact it can by encouraging fathering discussion, providing access to fathering information, facts and tips – and supporting the group to sustain and grow. Check them out at