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Learning and Teaching

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

We regard each child, made in the image of God, to be endowed with wonderful capacities for achieving great things through learning.

Always guided by our calling to cultivate the character and competencies foundational to seeing all our students flourish in their learning, we are fully centred on providing the best of learning programs and inspiring and innovative teaching practice that will result in our KCS Student Attributes being realised.

All learning programs are carefully designed so as to meet State and Federal curriculum requirements while catering for our unique students in this unique part of Australia. 

We believe, emphasise and celebrate:

  • The ability to learn is part of God’s wonderful design for human beings
  • That everyone can learn 
  • Learning is a lifelong process of discovering one’s uniqueness, capacity and potential
  • Students learning to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Academic rigour and challenge 
  • A growth mindset

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Teaching is a profoundly powerful act. As leaders of learning, our teachers are devoted to Christ, life-long learners, informed and innovative educators, self-reflective practitioners, and very caring.

We are committed to providing the best of classical and contemporary teaching practice that delivers varied, challenging, and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities that enable all learners to explore and build on their abilities, interests, and experiences.

We hold to the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional framework built on evidence about how learning works as developed by Douglas Fischer and Nancy Frey. The framework empowers our Teachers and Educational Assistants to provide what students need, when they need it. Students move back and forth between each of the components as they master skills, strategies, and standards.

The framework consists of four phases

“I do it”


Primes for the learning to come. Full of clarifying intentions, modelling and scaffolding.

“We do it”


Provides support for the students as they engage with the learning. Immerses students in new ideas and skills through questions, prompts and cues.

“You do it together”


Requires students to leverage soft skills like communication, leadership and negotiation as they apply new skills and knowledge.

“You do it alone”


Students take what they have learned and truly make it their own, building fluency and applying knowledge and skills to new situations.

We seek to cultivate in all our staff a passion for Christian Education and the expertise and professionalism associated with their roles. We constantly work at being a high functioning team of professionals who collaborate, and problem solve together.

Our teachers


…ourselves to teaching practice shaped by the gospel and focused on flourishing lives and community.


…in ways that enhance teaching practice and professional development.


…an optimal climate for learning; a caring, supportive place of trust and high expectations.


…rich learning programs and experiences for all students through thorough planning.


…using approaches to learning and teaching that will have the most impact on student outcomes.


…how students are progressing and achieving and have that inform teaching practice.