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Key Documents

5-Year Strategic Plan

The school’s 5-Year Strategic Plan outlines an explicit improvement agenda set out under four focus areas:

  1. A vibrant culture of faith and wellbeing
  2. Rich Learning and Quality Teaching
  3. Positive Community Partnerships
  4. Effective School Operations

The Kalamunda Christian School 5-Year Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.

Annual Plan

Aligned with the Strategic Plan, the school annually produces and closely monitors a School Improvement Plan.

The Kalamunda Christian School Annual Plan can be downloaded here.

Annual Report

The school is registered and accredited with the WA Department of Education. Each year the school produces and submits to the Department a comprehensive report outlining key information concerning its students and staff, culture and community, priorities, and progress.

The Kalamunda Christian School Annual Report can be downloaded here.

Child Safe Framework

Providing a safe, secure, and supportive environment for all students has always been and continues to be a key commitment of Kalamunda Christian School. That is why we welcome and implement all State and Federal legislation and guidelines that focus on child safety and duty of care. We aim to not only to meet Child Safe standards but to be a place where Child Safety is deeply embedded into the culture of the school, following Christ’s example of welcoming and caring deeply for the welfare of children and providing them with a nurturing learning environment.

The SCEA Child Safe Policy and Framework can be downloaded here.