From the Principal – 4 August 2022

Hi Folks.

As this newsletter goes out, I know that many will be soon joining us at 6:30pm in the gym to meet with the Principals and representatives from our closest SCEA schools about preparing for high school. Discussion topics will include well-developed transitions from primary to high school, having confidence in a high school environment, the potential of your child’s experience at SCEA secondary schools and transport options.

All is set for tomorrow’s Cross Country event, despite the soggy oval and chance of further rain. Please join us tomorrow afternoon between 1:00pm and 3:00pm for this special event. Enjoy the coffee van and of course your child/grandchild running their course.  Please note that a call will be made early tomorrow morning if the weather will mean a rescheduling to next Tuesday.

I hope you also have your calendars marked for the upcoming Inter-School Basketball Carnival (Friday 12th), STEM Showcase (Tuesday 16th), Poetry Out Loud Final (Wednesday 24th), and Book Week Dress Up (Thursday 25th).

Parent Code of Conduct – final day tomorrow!

As noted in the Newsletter of Thursday 21st July, tomorrow, Friday 5th August is the final day for returns of the SCEA Parent Code of Conduct, first distributed in January. Again, this only applies to those whose children were enrolled prior to the start of 2022. If there are any outstanding next week and you have not already spoken with Dr Weaver, he will be in contact with you over the next week.

Community Surveys

At the end of next week all parents of the school will be sent survey forms by email from the SCEA office. Can I please encourage you to take the time to fill in the survey as the school so values your partnership, your ratings and comments on how we are doing and your contributions to future developments. At the same time both staff and senior students will also be completing surveys.

Independent Schools Census

Tomorrow is census day across SCEA. We are pleased to let you all know that the school is going to exceed its budgeted enrolments for the first time in a few years, for which we are really grateful to our community and of course to our wonderful Lord. Our Learning Support Coordinator, Mrs Grubb, along with the teaching staff have also done an outstanding job in ensuring we are in line to get the best funding support from both State and Federal for a number of our students with learning needs and disabilities.

2022 Prime Ministers Spelling Bee

Our school has registered again for the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee. We had 9 students make it through to the WA finals out of 100 statewide, a phenomenal achievement. Let’s see how we go in 2022. First Round is on Wednesday 17th August with the Semi Finals 1st and 2nd September.

Outstanding Achievement

Back in 2020 the school entered student writing from Years 3-6 into a 7 Steps to Writing Success Competition.  Amelia C chose to write about “The Astonishing Bicycle”. Even though she didn’t win the competition, they chose her piece of writing to be a sample in the brand-new Narrative Writing Teachers Manual.

Sport Funding

Once again Mr Williams has secured a substantial grant for Sport. This term it is going toward the cost of some table tennis tables, and possibly some coach run sessions if there is any funding left over. What a great activity for the winter term – table tennis in the gym.

Encourage Friends to Enrol for Pre-Kindy

Thank you to all our school families who keep spreading the word about our school and all it has to offer. With another five months to go we are hopeful of a number more joining us, especially at Pre-Kindy. So if you know of families with children turning three shortly please encourage them to take a tour and have a chat. If nothing else, direct them to our website.

Memory Verses

We continue to have the children learn what is known as the The Lord’s Prayer from the Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 6, verses 9-13.

09     This, then, is how you should pray:
10     Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
11     Give us today our daily bread.
12     And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13     And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.

Dr Gregg Weaver

From the Principal – 22 July 2022

Hi Folks.

I trust you have all had a wonderful break with your kids. We are looking forward to having them all back next week for what is set to be 9 weeks of deep learning and many special events. I particularly welcome the four new students who join us from the start of term, and look forward to the other families already lined up for commencement during the term.  

Wow, have we got a line-up of amazing events for our students and parent community. Some of the highlights for the next month are: High School Info Evening, House Cross Country, Inter-School Basketball Carnival, STEM Showcase, Poetry Out Loud Final, Book Week Dress Up, OZ Rock Times Table Comp, Edu-Dance lessons, and our first ever teams competing in “Tournament of Minds.”

Staffing Notices

After many wonderful years of service at the school, Mrs Kathy Smith will not be continuing in her present teaching role from the commencement of the term. All families with students in Year 2 have been contacted with the relevant details. Fortunately, Kathy will be contributing on a regular basis as a relieving teacher at the school.  

We are so happy to announce that Carrie and Callum Burne have welcomed a boy, Ellis Kieren, into their family on 6th July. All are doing well.

Tea & Tots Playgroup Recommencing After COVID

Now that we appear to be over the worst of COVID, we are pleased to announce that our Playgroup is recommencing. We are thrilled that one of our parents, Alora Muller, has volunteered to organise this special service to our families. This is commencing Friday 5th August, 9:00am – 11:00am.

SCEA Developments

As you are all aware, our school is a member of the Swan Christian Education Association. Now the school is returning to some operational normality we are moving to instigate community support groups in accordance with the new SCEA Constitution ratified late last year. This entails the refreshing and expanding of the Parents in Partnership Group as well as the establishment of a new entity, the KCS Christian Life Committee. Please be looking out for important information in this respect within the first fortnight of the new term.

While on the subject of the Association, at the start of the year all existing families were provided with a copy of the new SCEA Parent Code of Conduct. While the vast majority of families have signed and returned this, some have yet to do so. If you have any questions, please be in contact with Dr Weaver, otherwise we need these in by Friday 5th August at the latest.

School Improvement Plan 2022– Term 2 Review

As part of positive partnership, I have included for all families, as I did at the end of Term 1, a review of actions taken toward the school’s annual improvement plan. Please Click Here for a review of how the school is progressing.

Community Satisfaction Surveys

Early this term, all of our parents will be given the opportunity to have a valued voice about their children’s education and how the school is running. The view of every person is important to the leadership team as has been evidenced from the many developments put in place in response to the last two years surveys. When the information comes your way, please make it a priority to contribute.

Science Week & STEM Showcase

Our STEM showcase is in Week 4 of this term.  Mr Williams has chosen a space theme and has gained a $500 science week grant towards it this ‘not-to-be-missed’ event to be held on Tuesday 16 August at 6:30pm. Each of the Year 4 to 6 classes will showcase some of their work over Semester 1 and there will be amazing activities for all the family.


A reminder that all students are to be in correct and tidy winter uniform from the start of the term. Please contact the school office if you need to arrange an appointment for fitting uniform.

Property Developments

We are pleased to announce that the school has now met all requirements for the full amalgamation of the Canning Road property (House) with the school’s existing title. We are now in a position to proceed to work with the Kalamunda Council on ensuring the appropriate rezoning of the full property, all part of the master planning being undertaken by SCEA and our architects. Thank you to David Wolfenden, Assistant Business Manager, for his work in ensuring this compliance.

Over the break work across the site has continued with the replacement of a further two classroom doors with new aluminium ones, the installation of an outdoor table tennis table, and some ground clearance near the oval. Just before the end of last term we had a company based in Adelaide visit to help us with new playground markings. An order has been placed for a chessboard, 2 x four squares, a 3-way hopscotch, a circular target, A-Z caterpillar, a 1-25 snake, and large School logo thrown in for free.

Learning Support

Kalamunda Christian School is committed to quality teaching and learning. We understand that while the Lord has made us all unique, this often means that we learn and flourish in different ways, and at different rates. Through our desire to know and support our students, we recognise there are students that require a higher level of support to make similar progress to their peers.

Should any of our teachers have any concerns around the progress of your child, rest assured that we will contact you to discuss these and make a plan for positive progress in collaboration with you as a family and any outside agencies or healthcare providers, as necessary.

Should a parent have any concerns, please do not hesitate to make contact firstly with your classroom teacher, and where necessary, action can be taken to involve the school’s Learning Support Co-ordinator, Tabatha Grubb. So that we are able to respect the confidentiality and individual circumstances of all families, we ask that parents focus their concerns on their own family unit. Sharing observations and concerns with other parents in relation their children, can be confronting and lead to breakdowns in relationships, irrespective of the good intentions.

The school is thankful for the continued support of all families as we work together as a united team to guide and support all children on their learning journeys.

Memory Verses

This coming term the children will learn two further passages from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The first of these, is The Lord’s Prayer which was also learnt in 2021. It is found in Matthew 6:9-13

09     This, then, is how you should pray:
10     Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
       your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
11     Give us today our daily bread.
12     And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13     And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.         

Term Assemblies

Week 3        8.40am Thursday 11th August          Year 3 leading
Week 7        8.40am Thursday 8th September     Year 2 leading
Week 9        8.40am Thursday 22nd September  Year 1 leading

Dr Gregg Weaver