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Getting to Know Mr Craig Hunter, Principal

Our Year 4 students interviewed Mr Craig Hunter this week so they could get to know him better.

We hope you enjoy reading the children’s questions and Mr Hunter’s answers.

Q: How many children do you have and how old are they? – Samantha

A: I have five boys – Josiah is my oldest – he is 23, and he is a drummer.  Ethan is next, and is studying to be a sports teacher and is in the army.  The next one, Tiaan, has just finished Year 12 and is really good at making cakes.  Lastly, I have a set of twins – Akira is a thinker, and Elija is good at guitar and is our big teddy bear.

Q:  What’s your favourite icecream flavour? – Lucas

A:  Now this is tricky… when I go to Simmo’s in Dunsborough I usually choose boysenberry or salted caramel.

Q:  What is your favourite kids book?  – Anna

A:  I enjoyed Friday Barnes by RA Spratt.  Friday Barnes is an 11 year old detective, who loves a good mystery.

Q:  What was the reason that you wanted to come to KCS? – Austin

A:  I really came because God spoke to me about coming here.  My kids were playing soccer in Maida Vale and I had heard about the job.  So while my kids were playing I quickly drove up to KCS.  I was really surprised as there were so many people there on a Saturday.  I talked to a few people and met Mr Ferguson who told me that the event was for Walk the Wall which raised money for abandoned children in China. 

Q:  What is your opinion on homework? – Jacob

A: Homework is awesome! I think you should all have two hours a night!  Jokes aside, this is a good question.  I think that it is good to practice a little bit and to show Mum and Dad what you have learnt at school.

Q:  Are you an early bird or a night owl? – Naomi

A:  I am definitely a night owl, but Mrs Hunter is not, she is an early bird.

Q:  What was the funniest moment in your life? – Oliver

A:  I have had lots of funny moments.  You may not know that I speak Japanese and when I was 16 years old I went to Japan.  I had some friends who taught me some words.  I was keen to try them out but when I said these words in class I found out that they were bad words.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at things like that!

Q:  Do you like dinosaurs or rabbits best? – Iziah

A:  Well dinosaurs might eat a rabbit, but I did hear that 2023 is the year of the rabbit, so I choose rabbits.

Q:  What was your favourite subject when you were a kid? – Jobe

A:  I really liked history.

Q:  Do you like being at KCS?

A:  The thing I’m loving most is meeting all of you children and working with all the wonderful teachers and EA’s.

Thanks Mr Hunter – we tried to guess some of your answers before you came in and I think we got some of them right, but we learnt lots of new things about you too.

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